Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'll be honest from the get go. I have no idea how much or how often I will post here. I just love the idea of having a place to vent my thoughts.
First off, I'd like to hear from any other folks who like to garden as much as I do. Atheist or not. It's the best hobby in the world, and I'm all about sharing the love.
I'd also like to hear from you non-believers out there, whether you are into gardening or not.
We'll see where this thing goes.

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Sovereign John said...

As a fellow atheist who loves gardening and homesteading I too am sick and tired of Christians once again acting like they own the subject all to themselves. I'm glad to have found your blog. It's great. I've posted a link to your site on my atheist gardening homestead site.

Atheist Gardener via @plasmaBn via @RebelMouse http://rbl.ms/WHtVQy

Like you I try to present the truth of the matter. A garden is a beautiful thing unto itself without the need to believe in a garden gnome living in the garden. Nature is truly wonder enough for any curious mind.

Every garden/homestead blog, site, discussion forum seems geared to those with superstitious minds. Gardening/Homesteading is a Science. You need microorganism in the soil, water, temperature, etc. The green thumb myth is more superstition as is herbal medicine, homeopathy, companion planting and most old garden tales of home remedies, eggshells around plants.

Compost is a Scientific process. Compost is great for the soil yet it's no miracle from a god. It's simply nature. What else is vegetable matter gonna do but break down?

I hope your blog grows with atheist gardening tips and techniques. We need to present gardening and homesteading with it's nature atheist point of view expressed by reality.

Happy atheist gardening/homesteading!