Saturday, November 17, 2007


Don't ever start a religion topic on a gardening board. I always felt like I was the only non-believer on a board full of people who think god made the plants. I was curious as to whether there were other people there who think like me. I found that there was, but that the other folks don't like to have their beliefs challenged. I may not understand this type of tunnel vision, but I understand how it works. A lot of the posters are older, and have been doing their religion thing their whole lives. To have some "young" guy come in and tell them they are wrong, or that they should at least QUESTION, is unfathomable. I'm not out to change anyones mind. You have to do that yourself. I'd just like to see more people actually THINK about what they believe and WHY. Accepting something blindly simply makes no sense to me. Then again, a LOT of things in this world make no sense. Carry on.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Garden

As this is a gardening journal, I felt like I should add a link to my Photo album


I'll be honest from the get go. I have no idea how much or how often I will post here. I just love the idea of having a place to vent my thoughts.
First off, I'd like to hear from any other folks who like to garden as much as I do. Atheist or not. It's the best hobby in the world, and I'm all about sharing the love.
I'd also like to hear from you non-believers out there, whether you are into gardening or not.
We'll see where this thing goes.